Opera Spotlights

A glimpse into the future of professional opera performance in Cleveland


Opera Spotlight is a series of special events designed to introduce Sugar Creek Opera Cleveland; to engage and delight opera lovers. To remind us of the magic and power of vibrant, world-class professional opera performed live, up close and personal.

Each event will build upon the last so that by the time our first fully staged production premieres, you will have experienced a powerful new kind of opera company. A company with a new business model. A company destined to build a cultural legacy for generations of Cleveland residents and visitors.

The focus of each Opera Spotlight is of course, on the music. Imagine stepping into a party surrounded by elements of the opera productions we wish to produce in Cleveland. An art gallery of Opera. Photographs, a costume piece, and of course a singer. The vibe is intimate enough for you to experience a deep connection to the music and the singer.

Each event is a new opportunity to gain insight into the national and international singers we will represent, and see what a full opera production in Cleveland will be like.

And an opportunity to join us in fulfilling the dream of thrilling professional opera performed live in Cleveland.

Stay tuned for further exciting announcements on locations, dates and guest stars for this exciting series! If you or your business would like to help sponsor an Opera Spotlight, please email Helen Todd, General Director at

If you would like to see cast lists, photos and videos of past Sugar Creek Opera Illinois productions, follow this link: Past SCO Seasons